It’s hard to believe, but you really can make some spectacular photos from nothing more than a light-tight box and some photo paper. In fact, there are lots of photographers out there who have deeply explored this technique and have even taken pinhole photography into the digital era (check out this guy).
Here’s the assignment sheet: Pinhole Camera.pdf
I’ve included both the basic and advanced assignment instructions. If you’ve made pinhole camera shots before, please do the advanced assignment.
And here are some links to a “hole” bunch of resources if you really want to dig in. (Get it? “Hole”? “Whole”? Ah, never mind.)
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Finally, here are some links to a few videos that will help you and your group create pinhole camera shots. Check these out! (Remember, when you’re watching these, keep your computer volume at a reasonable level or share some earbuds.)

And, here is a nice introduction to pinhole photography:

A Five Minute Introduction to Pinhole Photography from Nancy Breslin on Vimeo.

This short movie is an introduction to pinhole photography. It talks about homemade and purchased pinhole cameras, the special properties of pinhole photographs, pinhole exposure, some artists who work with these cameras, and online resources.