On behalf of all of us here at Café Venezia, we certainly hope that you are enjoying our setting along the Grand Canal and the Ponte Rialto. It is a pleasure serving you, and you seem to enjoy our new establishment, too. Proprietors Mike Cane and Vince DeMiero have decided to brew a mean cup of coffee now and then as well as serve up some piping hot poetry.
Here’s a copy of the Café Venezia Menu in case you misplaced yours or if you were absent:
Café Venezia Menu.pdf
Here is the information from Mr. Ummel about how to read a poem. It’s in .pdf format, so you should be able to read it on any computer:
How To Read A Poem.pdf
Here are links to some of the poems and poets we have encountered at Café Rialto:
Walt Whitman
Taylor Mali
Billy Collins
Robert Frost
William Shakespeare
Stephen Dunn
Edith Sitwell
Alfred Howard
Shel Silverstein
Gil Scott-Heron
Yusef Komanyakaa
Emily Dickinson
Gary Soto
Langston Hughes
Howard Nemerov
Linda Pastan
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Theodore Roethke
A.E. Housman
and check out these sites…
Poetry Foundation.org
and here are two clips from famed American poet and author, Maya Angelou…
And still I rise
President Clinton’s Inauguration
more to come…