Okay. This one is pretty stark and pretty harrowing. Tim Egan wrote and directed this short film, but others have added additional sound treatments that make it even more interesting.


By Christopher Nolan

You gotta start someplace, and for director Christopher Nolan ("Interstellar," the "Dark Night" series, "Inception," "Memento" etc.) this is one of his first films. Check it out and thoughtfully consider how much is being communicated without dialogue.

Cautionary Tales

By Luke Taylor and Chris Barrett (aka Us)

I wasn't really sure where this one was going, but eventually I think you'll see the obvious connections. When you were little, were you ever told to not do something or something bad would happen? Well, this quick little film addresses some of the clichés surrounding those parental warnings. Enjoy. 

Little Thing

Here's a little sci-fi film that does a beautiful job of combining live-action footage with impeccable CGI and animation. The story is compelling, too. Enjoy.


One of the finest examples of cinematography and CGI in recent short film history, "Dust" is a bold look at a dystopian future where a mysterious disease threatens to eradicate humanity – unless, of course, our protagonist can find a cure. 

But there's more to this film than the film itself. As one reviewer put it: "In the case of 'Dust,' director Mike Grier, a former student at Dodge College and a creative director in Japan, founded Ember Lab as an animation and vfx studio with his brother Josh. The infrastructure of the studio provided solid expertise and capacity for the project, but still a good amount of money was needed. Enter Kickstarter, where the short was able to raise more than $100,000 from more than 1000 contributors in 2012." The film debuted in 2014 to wide acclaim.

Read this short but informative article from VOX, to get a better sense of the film's background and why it made such a stir.