Short Film Feast

Sure, I like movies. But I love short films. There's something wonderful in the ability to tell a compelling story in just a few minutes that I deeply admire. Maybe that's my journalism background, or maybe it's just that my attention span is getting shorter. Either way, I kind of like how many short films leave much to the imagination – forcing the viewer to complete the what came before and the what comes after part of the film that just wouldn't make as much sense in a full-length feature.

Anyway, here are some short films I'd like you to watch and consider for class. Be prepared to discuss these movies and please refer back to them as we make our way through the semester. 


~ Vince DeMiero

Prospect (2014)

Some questions to consider:

Cinematography - Discuss the camera technique/cinematography. What shots were used that were most effective? How did these shots add to the reality of the film?

Story - What was interesting and/or effective about this story? Were you surprised by who the enemy turned out to be? What happened at the end?

Prospect (2018)

…and sometimes short films become full-length features!

Here's the trailer…


Some questions to consider:

Say What? There is almost no dialogue in this film. What impact did that have on you as an audience member? What in the heck is this film about?!?

Cinematography – Because this film is shot almost entirely inside a small room, there are several considerations the filmmaker had to take into account - depth of field, focus, lighting, shot selection, etc. What worked? What was problematic?



Some questions to consider:

What the…?! Yeah, I know. This film is presented backwards! Think through what the filmmakers had to do in terms of technical considerations in order to present the story in this way. Kind of makes your head hurt, doesn't it.

Sdrawkcab, I mean Backwards – So, presenting the film backwards is cool and all, but why do it? Would this film have been as effective had it been presented in a more conventional manner?


Some questions to consider:

Narrative – This film has a story to it that is particularly compelling. What makes it so captivating?

Acting – What do the two primary adult actors do that enhances the narrative? What about their performances is particularly strong?