Students, parents, alumni and other interested community members:

The Edmonds School District Board of Directors is seeking input on whether to continue to include a culminating/senior project as part of the graduation requirements for our students. This has been a state requirement through this school year, and it has been an MTHS requirement since 1994. In fact, Terrace was the first high school in the district to require students to complete a senior project.

Now, since the state is no longer requiring the project, the District is wondering whether it should keep it as a requirement.

Well, I know I shouldn't be campaigning this close to the voting booth, so to speak, but I am exceedingly biased in favor of keeping the requirement.

If you'd like to know my reasons, there are many, but I would prefer to engage with you on a one-to-one basis. If you'd like to do that, simply shoot me an email by clicking HERE.

And, here's the link to the District's survey: SENIOR PROJECT SURVEY


 ~Vince DeMiero