There are so many challenging issues that are brought to the surface in this film that it’s difficult to know where to begin. We explored many of these meta-questions in class, but now it’s your turn to dig in, focus on a few concepts and try to meaningfully analyze this film.
So, here’s the assignment: A.I. Assignment.pdf
If you really want to dig in on this film, however, here are some wonderful Web links to get you thinking:
Boundless Webzine review review review
Roger Ebert’s review information
Also, here are some additional resources in .pdf form:
A. I. O. U. Breakpoint.pdf
A.I. A Visual Analysis.pdf
Film Review A.I..pdf
The Mysteries of A.I. Jewish Symbolism.pdf
And, finally, here are two files that are pretty hard to find online. The first is the text of Brian Aldiss’s story that served as the basis for the script of “A.I.” and the second is a W.B. Yeats poem that is central to the quest that David sets out on to find the Blue Fairy. Enjoy.
“Supertoys” Text
“The Stolen Child” poem