We are so privileged to have the nation’s largest film festival right here in our own backyard – SIFF. So, to encourage you to take part in this amazing three-week celebration of cinema, I’m offering you a special deal!
You can attend any SIFF film (or event, seminar, etc.) of your choosing (please make it something age-appropriate and school-appropriate) and then complete this SIFF Project Assignment.
All I ask is that you confirm your SIFF assignment with me before you go. That’s it!
Now, the special deal is this: If you would like to, you can substitute this SIFF Project Assignment for any previous assignment and wipe out that earlier goose egg! How sweet it is!

Have you ever heard of TeenTix? If not, you absolutely, positively must check it out! This is the best way (and the least expensive) to enjoy the SIFF.

Questions? Let me know.