Have you ever been stuck inside on a rainy day and are just bored out of your mind? Well, here’s a way you can battle the boredom and get some work done for Digital Photography at the same time.
Look around your home and see if you can spot some objects that when combined form a theme. Or maybe think of the theme first and see how many objects you can find that fit.
For example, maybe you have younger siblings who have a bunch of those bright, primary colored, oversized Legos. You start looking at them and realize that there are some pretty sweet patterns going on – even if they’re more or less randomly thrown together.

Another example might be all those weird kitchen utensils we all seem to keep crammed into that mystery drawer. Carefully organized, they may make an interesting thematic photo.
It can be just about anything, but keep in mind all you’ve learned about composition when making your shots (think patterns, depth of field, framing, etc.). Shoot several pictures that successfully capture the aesthetic of your subject. Here are the project details:

• Rainy Day Assignment