For this camera-based assignment, you’ll be shooting portraits of people. There are so many great approaches to effective, aesthetic portrait photography, so this is an opportunity to begin to develop your eye and your look. Importantly, this is an opportunity to show that you can make pictures and not just take them.
So, here are some helpful links to get your creative juices flowing, and also a copy of the assignment sheet.

Studio B Portraits

Inspirational Portrait Techniques

Jenn Repp Photography

Stevie Rae Photography

Mark Hopkins Photography

And, here’s the assignment sheet:

Digital Portrait Project

Finally, a few years ago I e-mailed Jenn Repp (see her link above) and told her that our class was working on portraits and that we’d appreciate any tips she may have. To read her reply, click here: From Jenn Repp. Pretty nice of her to reply, don’t you think?