Want to do something creative and use it as a gift while getting credit in class? Check out these Web sites and then pitch me an idea and make me an offer I can’t refuse. There is no official assignment sheet for this project since each one is so different. However, you must talk to me prior to doing this in order to be eligible for credit.


Okay, there is one other catch.


Because there’s always a catch!

In order to receive credit you must use your own original photos when creating these gifts.

You don’t actually have to order or purchase the items, however. Just get the items ready to order and show me online what you’ve done and I can take it from there. Of course, if you do actually order something, that’s cool, too!

Here you go…

Sweet Holiday Cards – Wow. This is really cool. Why don’t you send your favorite digital photography teacher one of these cards?

Shutterfly – Great site. You can upload your digital photos and then make really cool stuff, like books, cards, calendars, mugs, etc. Groovy. www.shutterfly.com

Photo-opoly! Why not turn an old, worn out board game into something personal for your family and friends? Here’s how using your mad photo skills: http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/photo-opoly/

Custom photo pencils! Dang, I’m a sucker for those personalized pencils and pens, but this is over the top. Check it out: http://photojojo.com/content/diy/diy-photo-pencil-covers/

iPhoto – Did you know that you can order some pretty hip photo swag right from iPhoto? Select the photos you want to use and you can crank out spiffy photo books, calendars, cards, etc.

Way Too Many Cool Things To List – Okay, there’s no way I can possibly tell you about all these sites. Trust me. However, I’ll give you a little blurb about each. If they tickle your fancy, check ’em out. There’s not a dud in the bunch:

WinkFlash – Another cool photo product site.

PhotoGifts – The name says it all.

SnapFish – Kind of like Shutterfly above.

Bagettes – Your photo on a purse, bag, wallet, etc.

Spoonflower – This is for all you Project Runway fans. Think you can design the perfect wardrobe with the perfect fabric? How about fabric with your photo designs already embedded? Here you go…

Custom Silhouette T-Shirt – Pretty simple. Pretty cool.

Bookmark Buddy – Your photo becomes a classic page-stopper.

Customize a Camera Strap – If you can sew, this would be sew sweet!

If ’n Books – An eclectic collection of groovy.

Photo Stamps – They’re fun! They’re real! They’re your photos! They’ll get your letter delivered!

Jones Soda – Jones is based in Seattle and now they can provide custom bottles for you and your family. Burp!

Café Press – Here’s a site where you can make lots of customized goodies – and then open your own store!

Light Affection – Talk about unique! Your photo becomes a back-lit frame thingy. Oh,

just check it out.

Vision Bedding – Your photos become blankets and pillows.

M&Ms – I’m not making this up. Your photos melt in your mouth, but not in your hand.

PhotoWOW! – Another fun photo product site.

AllPopArt – Very impressive way to get your photos transformed into works of Pop Art.

Snappy Photo Gifts – Decent selection of gifts and lots of ideas.

ArtsCow – Nice site with plenty of photo gift options.