If you really think about it, mobile phones are quite the modern miracle of technology. There exists in my iPhone more computing power and more storage space than any computer used to put humans on the moon during NASA’s Apollo missions.
You can’t make that up. Don’t believe me? Click here.
But, what does that have to do with photography?
Well, not much except that nearly every cell phone these days has a pretty decent digital camera built right in. If you have such a device and you have a way of transferring

those photos to one of our class computers, then you’re eligible for this project. Keep in mind all you’ve learned about composition when making your shots (think patterns, framing, etc.). Here are the project details:
Phone Cameras Only Assignment
UPDATE: Check out these über-groovy web resources for cell phone photography – otherwise known as phonography:
Photojojo’s Phoneography Ideas
Photojojo’s We Love Phonography website