A continuing journey

To continue our thematic unit focusing on the concept of perseverance, we’ll be watching Phillip Noyce’s 2002 film “Rabbit-Proof Fence.” An important trait of good literature is that it allows us to safely and intelligently grapple with difficult issues, to empathize with people who find themselves in challenging situations, and to make changes in our own thinking that may impact ourselves and others in the days to come.

This is one of those stories.

While some poetic license has been taken by the film makers, this film closely follows the real-life accounts of the aboriginal girl, Molly Craig. In fact, the novel on which this film is based was written by Doris Pilkington – Craig’s daughter – who was also taken from her mother as a child and relocated into a colonial, white school.


But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

In order to really understand and appreciate the complexity of this story, we need to do a little research to establish some context. Otherwise, this story and this film will not bring to us the richness that it holds and that we deserve.

Please open the Webquest document and follow the instructions as directed. Be prepared to share your findings with your small group and possibly with the whole class.

Never heard of Australia’s Rabbit-Proof Fence? Here’s some quick info:

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