So, you’re going to need to go outside the classroom in order to find interesting subjects for your photos. In order to do that without running afoul of The Man, you’re going to need a pass.

So, let’s make one that looks dang official using Adobe Photoshop!

One important rule for working in Photoshop is that we always work on a copy of the original file, never the original. That way, if we mess up, we can go back to the original and start again. So, you may want to create a duplicate of the template for each member of your computer group, then rename the file to match the person’s name in the file. For example, I would duplicate the original file, then name my copy “DeMieroDigiPhotoPass.psd” and then start working on it.

The rest you’ll learn in class. Get ready, because Photoshop is an amazing, deep, challenging and wonderful program!

Here’s a sample of what the final product should look like. Don’t be overwhelmed by the incredibly handsome old Italian dude in the photo, however.

Here’s what the final product will look like. Of course, yours will have YOUR photo in it, not that crazy Italian guy. Oh, and yours will have this year’s info, too.