So, you want to be in movies?

Well, here’s a chance to do just that! Okay, not anything Hollywood style, but a short silly holiday flick will have to do at this stage in your career.

All you have to do is this:

  1. Extract your face from one of your photos using your mad Photoshop skills
  2. Save it as a jpeg or png and make sure that there’s nothing distracting in the background – probably best to keep in transparent or white
  3. Go to this link
  4. Choose one of the wacky scenes to insert your face
  5. You may want to work with others in the class so that you have multiple “actors” featured – with their permission, of course
  6. Play the video and save it if you’d like to as a movie file (you may have to be a member to do this unless you choose a “free” scene)
  7. In order to get credit for having done this project, however, you must also do the following used commercial inflatables for sale:
    • Freeze the video at a strategically clever place and take a screen shot of the frame (COMMAND-SHIFT-4 then click, hold & drag over the area and release)
    • Create four separate freeze-frame shots of your work
    • Collect those four images and send them to print
    • Mount those photos and place them in your portfolio as you would with any other project
    • Write a brief (1-2 ¶) reflection on what you did, how you did it, the choices you made, etc. and include it in your portfolio

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