We’ll experience several of Hitchcock’s masterpieces – “North By Northwest” and “Vertigo” for sure – and maybe one or two of his other great films. When we’re done, we’ll settle in and respond to his work. Here are some resources that should help you better understand the director and his work:

• Hitchcock at IMDB

Hitchcock Wiki

• Hitchcock.tv

• Senses of Cinema

• Hitchcock for Scholars

• “Psycho” at IMDB

1000 frames of “Psycho”

• “North by Northwest” at IMDB

1000 frames from “North by Northwest”

• The story behind the Vandamm House in “NbNW”

New York Times’ review of “The Birds”

“The Birds” on IMDB

• Deep analysis of “The Birds”

Another look at “The Birds”

Chaos and “The Birds”

• Score vs. Birds Soundtrack –

Attic Sequence w/Orchestral Score

Original Attic Sequence

1000 frames from “The Birds”

• “Rear Window” at IMDB

1000 frames from “Rear Window”

• Roger Ebert’s review of “Rear Window”

Film and Psychoanalysis- Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window

The Exposition of “Rear Window

If you really want to understand the man and the director, you need to read this. It’s amazing:

Hitchcock’s Interview with Herb Lightman