Okay, so the football game didn’t exactly go our way, but other than that Homecoming Week 2011 was fantastic!
Congratulations on all the crazy dress-up days, the great assembly and for figuring out most of my Terrace Trivia.
Kudos to Daniel Reeber in 4th period for being the first to identify that the 1977 men’s basketball team was the first to earn a team state championship for the Hawks. And 4th period’s Joe Walrath (with a little help) identified that 1971 was significant for Terrace because the Dynamics were performing ambassadors to Central America that summer with dozens of performances in Panama during their three-week tour.
Here are the photos we took to commemorate Homecoming 2011 in DeMiero’s English 9 Honors classes. Thanks for being so great and willing to have fun with your old Italian English teacher. I mean your English teacher who is Italian and old. Ah, you know what I mean.
~ Vince DeMiero

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period