As we move into our camera-based digital projects, it would be helpful to get as familiar as you can with basic functions on the camera you’ll be using. If you’re using your own camera, you may want to refer to the owner’s manual or camera-brand Web site.zorb ball

However, there are some universal functions and techniques that apply to nearly every camera. Here are some Web sites where you can tap into this general information, and in some cases even try out these approaches in online tutorials and simulators:

Geoff Lawrence Tutorials
Cambridge Tutorials
Mike Valentiner’s Interactive Tutorials
Dry Reading Tutorials
DP Challenge

So, that should get you started. Check out these sites and let me know which ones seem to work best for you. If you find others, let me know and I’ll post them here.

Next, when you’re done reviewing this information, you must email me to tell me that you’ve completed this reading. That way, I’ll know that you’re ready to start using our class cameras.

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Finally, when you think you’re ready, please take this camera quiz.