Danny Boyle

Director Danny Boyle

Have you seen “Trainspotting”? “Sunshine”? Or “28 Days Later”? Or maybe “Slumdog Millionaire” or “127 Hours”? Or, maybe you watched the opening ceremonies or the 2012 Olympics in London. Well, each was directed by Danny Boyle – the director and creative genius behind “Millions.” Kind of hard to pin Boyle down, isn’t it?
Well, “Millions” is a kind of miracle of filmmaking – combining satirical fantasy with reality, morality and religion with greed and materialism, the details of a famous heist with the imagery of Roman Catholic saints. Pretty amazing, really.
So, here are the goodies and assignment sheet for this film. Enjoy.

The script/dialogue

“Millions” on IMDB

An interview with director Danny Boyle

A review of the film by Roger Ebert

A review from “Spirituality & Practice”

If you want to hear the signature song from “Millions,” it’s called “Nirvana” by the group Elbosco. It’s no longer available on iTunes, but you can see a YouTube video of it here. Also, the band Muse has several songs in the film, too, including “Blackout” and “Hysteria.”