This is a film to savor. I have seen this movie dozens of times and yet I still find something new each time I visit it because of the incredible cinematography, creative production, understated acting and whimsical soundtrack. “Amélie” is a remarkable film on many, many levels.
Did you know that director Jean-Pierre Jeunet began collecting snippets of ideas that eventually became this film back in 1974? Did you know that Audrey Tautou was not Jeunet’s first choice for the title role? Did you know that composer Yann Tiersen wasn’t Jeunet’s first choice to pen the soundtrack? In fact, Tiersen’s work was mostly written prior to the film being made. Did you figure out which two characters never actually speak to one another? Weird, huh? Kind of serendipitous, too, don’t you think? How fitting is it that everything came together to make this film a reality.
So, here’s some additional information:
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