Author Anne Tyler’s (above) short story “Teenage Wasteland” was first published in 1983 as a piece in “Seventeen” magazine. Since then, the story has become one of the most often read pieces in American high school literature.
Some people immediately think of The Who’s song (listen by clicking on the player at right) “Baba O’Riley” that is frequently referred to as “Teenage Wasteland” since Roger Daltry sings those words in the prominent bridge of the song, and because the song and short story focus on similar themes.
Okay, so it was tough finding the entire short story online for you to read, so I did my best. However, the text is kind of blurry in places. Sorry.
Teenage Wasteland (TEXT).pdf
Here’s the assignment:
Teenage Wasteland Assignment (E9H).pdf
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Look!: Teenage Wasteland