Happy Valentine's Day

I've seen a lot of short films, but this one is among the finest I've seen for a number of reasons. Watch the editing – is this really just one shot? Watch the cinematography – the camera movement is incredible and the composition is always spot on. Watch the story – although simple, this is both an exhilarating and yet tragic plot sequence. Listen to the soundtrack – the rhythmic pulses and harmonic structure mirror and enhance the visuals. Oh, I could go on. The main thing? This is extraordinary film making.

The Heist

Okay, so this is one of the better parodies I've seen recently. All the "Oceans" movies wrapped up into one tidy short film!

Piove (It's Raining)

It is a day like any other for Tony Bianchi, a respected doctor of a small village; between work, talk to the barber and a game at the bar, the doctor lives his personal routine punctuated by the "unexpected" encounters with the colorful characters of the country, that lead him to confront his role in that small and weird world. And then, as punctual as usual, comes the rain…

Beneath the Ink

In Ohio, there's a tattoo artist that's decided to do his part to "erase the hate." Not only is the story compelling, but the cinematography in this poignant short film is powerful, too.