OMGTB (small)

Who did it?!?
Was it you?!?
Well, somebody must have encouraged OMGTB because they released another song. Here’s an .mp3 of their latest, uh, effort. It’s another LMFAO song that they have titled “Writin’ Like A Poet” (instead of “Sexy and I Know It”).
Hey, it’s your iPod. If you want to fill it up with rubbish like this, well, that’s your business.

Writin’ Like a Poet Remix UPDATED 1.27.2012

Here it is, as promised, the WORLD PREMIERE of OMGTB’s “Poetry Rock Remix!”
Jammin’ for the first time ever earlier today in Room 110, OMGTB (Oh, My God, They Bad) performed “Poetry Rock Remix!” to much acclaim and some gagging noises. Nevertheless, the audience demanded that the song be made immediately available via the InterWebs along with the stunning lyrics penned collaboratively by Big Daddy Cane and Heavy D.
OMGTB is not about disappointing its fans too much, so here you go:
Poetry Rock Remix.mp3
Poetry Rock Remix Lyrics 1.12.2012.pdf
Don’t encourage them.