Finish strong. You deserve it.

~ Vince DeMiero

Finals for English 9 & English 9 Honors

  • 4th Period: Monday, June 17
  • 5th Period: Friday, June 14
  • 6th Period: Monday, June 17

Here’s what you’ll need to bring to your final:

  • Your book – The Folger Shakespeare Library editing of “Romeo and Juliet”

  • Your completed “Romeo and Juliet” assignment packet. 

  • Your B.O.A.T. Book

  • Your “Romeo and Juliet” KWL chart

  • Any notes you may have from the play, film or book

Here’s a list of tips to help you be prepared for the final:

  • Study your literary terms and think about how Shakespeare used them effectively in the play

  • Review everything you’ve learned about the play and William Shakespeare’s work – including his styles of poetry

  • Have your “Romeo and Juliet” packet completed and ready to turn in after you finish the final

  • Go over your responses to the questions in the study guide portion of the packet and make sure you have a solid understanding of the play, the film and the version of the play in the book

  • Relax! This isn’t a memorization test or a gotcha final. It’s what we’ve been doing all year long – analyzing the use of literary devices in texts and supporting that analysis with ample evidence.