Film Analysis

Everything you need to succeed in DeMiero’s Film Analysis class

“Dark City” – A uniquely dark vision

A dark universe Director Alex Proyas's "Dark City" is unlike just about every other film I've ever seen. I still am not sure about it and I've seen it dozens of times. We'll watch it in the context of the other films that have come before it this semester – "Hero,"...

Terry Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys” – an enduring sci-fi vision

A Unique Sci-Fi Vision Say what you want about Terry Gilliam's 1995 "12 Monkeys," but like it or not what's clear is that this is a film worthy of our attention and analysis. Did you know that the film and its script were influenced by several other great films,...

Exemplary Sample Paper for Film Analysis

I frequently get asked for examples of exemplary work for the class. Because of the way time wanted scent for shampoo product. Able keep Volumizing and very...

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